2016 Bremerton Reunion Attendees
George Lester
Larry Lehtonen
Sparky & Marion Tibbs
Rob & Connie Benham
Bob & Britt Feldman
Mark & Carol Fletcher
Ken Wilson
Rick & Sharon Wischmeyer
Don & Glennda Tyszko
Mark Seidler
Ron & Fran Spagna
Wesley Oxenrider
Doug & Mary Minnis
Randy Banks & Angela D'Angelo
Robert & Patricia Cichowski
David Dedon
Charles Dickens "God Willing"
Wanda Farris
Richard & Mila Kearney
John & Caroline Kelbowski
David Mullilgan (soon to be coordinator)
David & Laura Morrow
Gary Strohmeier & Lynda Rosenthal
John & Harriet Walters
Bill & Diane Wright
Gregory Yale
Gary Phillips

A ferry can be taken directly to Seattle to enjoy the Seattle Waterfront, Pike Place Market, Aquarium, Pioneer Square, Underground Seattle,Seattle Art Museum, Antique stores, Ivars Restaurant (clam chowder), Seattle Center,Paul Allen's "The Experience" Museum, too much to list!!

In Bremerton, we have the USS Turner Joy, The Naval Museum, some nice restaurants for those who haven't seen Bremerton in the last ten years.

2016 Reunion to be held at the Baymont Hotel in Bremerton

Airporter Shuttle to Baymont

Here are some local things to do in, and close to Bremerton

This hotel is located about 8 miles from the Washington State Ferry dock to Seattle

It's about a 35 minute drive to Tacoma, where there is a world class car museum

Pike's Place Market: www.pikeplacemarket.org

Seattle Underground Tour: www.undergroundtour.com

Keyport Undersea Naval Museum (free) www.navalunderseamuseum.org

USS Turner Joy: First ship to arrive after USS Maddox was allegedly attacked which started the Viet Nam war. Self guided tour, this is a must do in my opinion. Both the engineroom and firerooms are open as is most of the vessel. Takes at least an hour.  www.ussturnerjoy.org

Tacoma: LeMay Car Museum, one of the best if not the best car museum in America. www.americascarmuseum.org

Washington State Ferries: www.wsdot/schedule/schedule/schedule.wa.gov/ferries/schedule/schedule

Below is a list of shipmates and their significant others who will be attending the Bremerton Reunion. At our business meeting in Chicago a show of hands was asked who would be attending the Bremerton reunion and it appeared to be everyone. The list will change as the coming year develops, but it looks to be a great get together.