"Liberte Par Vigilance"

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We would like to get everyone together again either by emails or via the reunions. You won't be disappointed.

This page was last updated: May 28, 2015
Robert & Patty Cichowski
Don & Glennda Tyszko
Mark & Carol Fletcher  
Bob & Britt Feldman
Rick & Sharon Wischmeyer
Bill & Dieane Wright
Sparky & MarionTibbs
Charles Dickens
Ken Wilson 
Dave & Laura Morrow
Doug & Mary Minnis
Rick & Val Martin
Ron & Fran Spagna
Michael Bayliss
Mark Seidler
Geoff Seidler
Fred Klausegger
John & Harriet Walters
Dorothy (Gruber) Schoenborn (Ombudsman)
Greg Yale
Harry Banks
Reunion 2015

At present, these people are attending the reunion in Chicago, September 2015. This event is on track to have the most attendance to date. The more people we get to put on the web, the better the odds are we will have more people sign up when the official registration opens up. We really want to get as many shipmates and their spouses together for this and every reunion to recall old times and see one another again. These years were a special time in our lives, and that said, the memories should be recalled together..... to keep the stories honest. If you plan on attending please drop me a note and we can add you to the list.

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