"Liberte Par Vigilance"
This page was last updated: December 17, 2022

Good Evening Schofield! We have our dates confirmed for our next reunion in Baltimore, MD They are Sept 24 to 27 in the Inner Harbor Baltimore. Lots of very cool stuff to do within walking distance at this location.
We have a hotel selected which you can register starting now, link is below. If you want to arrive early, the discount rate does not apply as that is a high demand window for them with sport events coinciding with ours. However, you can book a couple days at the end of the event at our group rate.
THis is for hotel booking only. The event registration packet will come out a a date TBD. We're working to get the best package available for all.
The hotel is blocking out thirty rooms for our event, so get your booking in early. At this point, they are not going to extend this amount, things might change closer to the date if they don't fill up their hotel.
Bob/Don Feldman
The booking link for the group is also ready to go! This is the unique internet link you can share with your friends and colleagues and they will be able to directly access the group rate online:[0]=AT05Nd6w_tuipBQo6FYPuaxxJtaPJs0_F0pwSfF3wnTCPBTXWhg2kZCYN1xPo-Wqzi4LQSrYJmU1388A0oU1ZC7IZSPzutN3_mNbi3zgJnhV7Bvc25CPXSv8A9DZSJqfDygV1XHHWzYS-BshHUdQtk8VwZtWn63gcRXUz3TrKfN4xEHt4xBSAzwJjJT4pV7symzmqrJhPpYcjT8aXdwgZt1V

Additionally, if they'd like to make reservations over the phone instead, they can call and reference the Group Code: USN
Hotel Directly: 410-624-7333 or
IHG Central Reservations: 1-800-465-4329
The rates will be open and bookable until the cut-off date of Friday August 25, 2023.